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By Loic Le Meur

It’s my 9th Davos in a row and I am lucky to be invited to speak twice this year, I’m giving a talk on future trends “digital convergence” in David Kirkpatrick‘s session and I moderate my own dinner on “social networking addiction” tonight, both are over-registered (the WEF keeps the sessions small) which makes my day.Here is the 10 mins video and a few notes, there are many more trends but I did not have more time. Thanks Robert for recording it.

loicdavos.jpgGoogle ChromeScreenSnapz021.jpg

Then I explain as both individuals and enterprises can monitor this stream and interact in real time, here is an outline of the trends I highlight:

2. Everything in the Cloud means less privacy
  • the founder of Twitter Evan Williams gets his emails posted on the blog TechCrunch
  • the US government“gag requests” user data from social networking sites for some users involved in wikileaks
the -shallows-book.jpgbrain.png
3. The web has a deep impact on our brain
  • email, sms, Facebook and Twitter intrusions non stop
  • impossible to read a book
  • cannot concentrate on a task
  • software to shut you off the Internet start to appear

4. Location getting social is a game changer

  • what’s happening around me right now?
  • which of my friends are or have been here?
  • can I get any special deal?
  • what can I learn about this place?
Google ChromeScreenSnapz022.jpg
an iPad mounted in a car making it a platform

5. Everything is becoming a platform

  • marketplaces and app stores everywhere
  • they won’t remain in your computer:
  • cars are starting to have apps or ipads get hacked in cars
  • a fridge with apps for diet or cooking
  • a japanesetoilet analyzes how fit you are
  • TV is the next platform
bodyapitoilet.pngGoogle ChromeScreenSnapz023.jpg
the iBody toilet and Runkeeper app
6. Even your own body is becoming a platform
  • Scales that measure your weight
  • Apps that control your fitness
  • Tweet and share your weight loss
  • Record how you sleep
  • DNA information
  • Google health stores it in the cloud
  • Foodspotting and recording what you eat
  • Apps for your brain
7. Social networking + objects = social objects
  • Lady Gaga interactive glasses
  • Add info from your friends with Stickybits (video)
  • Small computer cubes that interact together: Sifteo (video)
  • Siftablecubes (video)