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Amiando is awesome for events, right? But did you know that the CEO and co-founder of amiando, Felix Haas, practically had to show up at Loic’s front door step before he would even listen to his pitch?

Founded in 2006, amiando was gaining speed as an easy-to-use ticketing service for events of any size and after they launched, many people told Felix that LeWeb is THE event in Europe – he had to be there.

Felix tried to reach Loic via common friends like investors in amiando. He said that it was difficult in the beginning: he tried to call, he tried to email, he tried everything – – and then he found out that Loic also is a pilot.

After learning about this hobby shared by both entrepreneurs, Felix sent Loic a message “Hey! You’re a pilot, we should chat!” This time, he got an email back from Loic saying: “Hey Felix! It’s easier to reply to you than to ignore you, let’s have a chat.”

2007 was amiando’s premiere at LeWeb, although Felix notes that the number of attendees has significantly grown in 4 years. Fast forward to  2011: Verena Gladiator, long-term customer manager at amiando for LeWeb now spearheads amiando’s Paris office which was opened just two weeks ago.

He said that Loic actually helped amiando develop the idea of viral ticket selling. In 2008, they sat down to chat about how participants could use Amiando to involve more participants when Loic said, “hey Felix, you should create something where people can refer other people and event organizers can organize a discount to attendees that refer others.” Hence, Amiando viral tickets weas born and today is used by countless event organizers around the world.

Last year, amiando was acquired by Xing for $14 million. Felix said that they were finalizing negotations in the lobby of LeWeb and they signed on the final day of LeWeb 2010.

“LeWeb truly helped us to grow, and really helped us to get growth and momentum in Europe.”

And to think, Amiando almost wasn’t even at LeWeb in 2007…