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Alexandre Malsch, CEO & Co-founder of meltyNetwork ( (MeltyMeltyFashionMeltyStyleMeltyBuzz), the #1 web media group dedicated to young people in France (6 million unique visitors per month), said that having enough business cards is essential for LeWeb.  Especially with more than 3,000 participants this year.

Alexandre first went to LeWeb in 2009 with Microsoft Idea, a program for start-ups that gave him a demo stand to show off his website to anyone that was interested. Malsch developed a system for optimizing online media: an algorithm that determines the choice of subjects, key words, and publication times based on a cryptic set of real time information grabbed from the web and targeted towards young people (age 18-30).

Think about it: there is an Editor-in-Chief for each site that determines the tone and content and meltyNetwork’s journalists are “true” journalists, there are algorithms that can always offer a keyword or clue as to what’s hot at the moment.

He quickly found out that many people were interested. Including Pierre Chappaz, a well-known French entrepreneur.

He didn’t recognize Pierre when he first came by their stand – “completely by luck” – until he saw his nametag. Pierre gave him his card, and several months later called Alexandre back because he remembered seeing them at LeWeb.

They held their negotiations, and Pierre is now an investor, along with Bouygues Telecom Initiative and theIonis Group. This year meltyPub, to which meltyNetwork attributes its enormous success, expects over €1 million in revenue.

Of course it wasn’t as simple as it sounds – Alexandre had a quick demo on a portable computer ready to show anyone at LeWeb and an incredible product in general.

At LeWeb, he said that the winning combo for him was “a short demo that you can show to get people interested, and a ton of business cards to follow up afterwards when it’s less hectic.”

Alexandre will be back this year with a few of his team members, so make sure to find him on Presdo Match – you may just be seeing the next Zuckerberg.