5 WhatsApp trends for companies the next 10 years

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While and until now some companies are still thinking whether is needed to hire a community managers or not, some even launching social website pages or not, others moved much forward and started to use mobile tools to chat with their clients/ customers. Tools like WhatsApp!

The next 10 years likes and followers will not be much important as now. Everything is evaluating very fast and mobile and mobile tools are the future.
Which means the first trends will be:

1. Do you want to contact us? Add our phone number to your smartphone.
– – It will be ofcourse a special number for customer service.

2. WhatsApp to announce the latest news, products and services

Customer will not only have the choice to add the phone number to ask questions but also to follow the announcements, new products and news of the company. So forget about social media, likes and retweets…..
Ofcourse instead of retweeting and liking the next trend will be FORWARDING! Or maybe new features will be added to WhatsApp to facilitate “engagement”.

3. WhatsApp for the customer service

Related to 1, customer service will maybe become easier by using WhatsApp instead of social media pages.

It is more personal, faster and makes the distance between the company and the customers much shorter.

4. More and more groups

Companies will be able by using WhatsApp to divide their customers in groups; Groups with the same interests or the same concerns.
In a later stage monitoring these groups and learn how to generate more revenues from them.

5. More special infographics/ pics and video’s for WhatsApp

Where some infographics are too long on web, they should shorter in mobile. This brings a new specialization: special content for mobile tools.
(More) Special infographics, pics and even video’s, to be distributed only via WhatsApp.