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Merci, LeWeb! Have a great conference!

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au-revoirDear LeWeb Community,

With the conference starting tomorrow, my work here, posting about the next 10 years of innovation and exploration is drawing to a close. Here’s a quick wrap up of what we’ve covered:

Economic trends: Communities are pulling together to collaborate, share resources, and create rather than consume in the face of a depressed economy that appears to be the new normal.

Medical and scientific trends: New treatments are emerging for “diseases of civilization” (those disorders that plague developed societies), astronomers and physicists look at the possibilities of space travel and what we might find, biologists try to unlock the secrets of our “genetic memory,” and programmers make smarter, more interactive machines.

Social and artistic trends: people focus on engaging more with the real world and becoming better parents while artists use new formats and distribution mechanisms to tell the story of humanity more fully.

Consumer and business trends: On-demand delivery and 3D printing brings the instant gratification of digital purchases to the physical realm while faster mobile data connections disrupt business models and climate change threatens to disrupt the food supply.

It’s been an amazing privilege to write for the LeWeb blog over the last couple of months. I want to thank Loic and the entire team for making this possible. I wish you a wonderful conference and a very happy new year!

Au revoir for now!