LeWeb Startup Tour Stockholm: Meet 8 of Sweden’s hottest startups!

Pierre Ziemniak Startup Tips

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The second stage of our Startup Tour is about to start: on September 30, entrepreneurs from Stockholm in particular, and Scandinavia in general, are invited to compete in a local pitch, in front of a jury composed of local investors and media. The winner will get to pitch in December in Paris, at LeWeb Paris’14 Startup Competition finals. But who exactly are these hot Scandi startups?

Swecure (top video)
Today’s treatments prescribed for allergy are mainly aimed to control the symptoms of allergic reactions, and do not eliminate the allergic conditions. This means insufficient and expensive treatments for the patient during the whole lifetime. With a preventive treatment for allergy, Swecure intends to tackle the root causes of the problem.



Say you have a project in development and you need a co-founder, designer or developer: Makemove allows you to connect with other like minded people, which is an excellent way to build a work-related network.



Selfiejobs makes it possible for young people to market their competence with a 20 second videopitch and apply for jobs with a swipe in the mobile. In a similar way, they enable small companies to post up a job ad in 60 seconds and swipe through candidates in a way never seen before.



Tailify trends brands through the power of social media influencers: it distributes brand advertisement through relevant high profile social media users on Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr and Pinterest.


Evothings Studio
Evothings Studio radically shortens the time to market for IoT (internet of things) apps compared with native mobile development tools. Making mobile services and applications for connected things thus becomes a lot easier.


A Finnish startup, AddSearch is based on the premise that searching for a website has become very easy thanks to Google; but once you are on the actual website, the search is often slow and innacurate. AddSearch wants to fix that.



Maybe wants to make it simple and casual to meet new people, filling the gap between online and offline – a huge problem today within online dating and social media.



Birth control leaves us with no alternative: it’s either hormones for the woman, or condoms for the man. That is exactly what NaturalCycles wants to change, by allowing you to track your fertility, naturally.

Good luck to all!


Join us in Stockholm on September 30 to watch the above startups pitch on stage in front of a jury composed of:

– Fredrik Cassel (Creandum)

– Ada Fredelius (Internetworld, IDG Sweden)

– Eric Fuchs (of Carrefour, sponsor or LeWeb’s Startup Tour & Startup Competition)

– Hjalmar Winbladh (Wrapp)

Last but not least, a mini-panel on « International growth for Swedish entrepreneurs » will feature Oscar Höglund (Epidemic Sound) and Hjalmar Winbladh (Wrapp).

LeWeb Startup Tour is presented by HandsOn.TV‘s Rodrigo Barros. The winner will get on the fast track to LeWeb’14 Paris Startup Competition, December 9-11!