LeWeb Startup Tour Paris: Meet 8 of France’s most promising startups!

Pierre Ziemniak Highlighted, Startup Tips

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Are you ready for the third installment of our Startup Tour? On Friday, October 3, we’ll be in Paris for a pitch session featuring eight of the hottest French startups on the market. They will be given the opportunity to pitch in front of a first-class jury, composed of major investors and media. The winner will join our Worldwide Startup Competition in December. So, without further ado, here are the 8 young companies!


Beekast (top video)
A mobile application for any live events (like conferences, business meetings, training sessions, school lectures, concerts, sporting events…), Beekast turns smartphones into wireless microphones. The audience can talk into their smartphones (and tablets) and be heard over the room’s sound system in real-time.


Captain Contrat
Captain Contrat is a marketplace that sells custom legal documents to small businesses, tailor-made by lawyers. Each legal document has a dynamic questionnaire associated to it. The end user is invited to fill in the questionnaire with the provided help, then picks up a lawyer, and pays for the order. Then, the lawyer calls the end user to verify their needs and finalises the document.


Fitle automatically digitises in 3D the entire collections of partner brands’ clothes, and displays them on its smartshopping platform. Once personalised, the platform lets you virtually try on clothes thanks to 3D. Any user can access to a personalised selection of clothes, based on size, style, and shopping habits.


Hellocasa Startup Tour LeWeb

Hellocasa is a one-stop destination for busy and “clumsy” people who want to buy home services in an easy and secure way. In less than 90 seconds, customers can choose the service package that works best for them, get a fixed price, book a date and pay.


Kids ok Startup Tour LeWeb

Kids-ok gives parents the ability to keep an eye on the child’s use of social networks while respecting their privacy. The application works on a unique danger detection algorithm. It alerts the parents as soon as an element is listed as suspicious. Then the parent can check the element to verify whether it really represent a danger for their child.


Sublime Skinz
Through a next generation SAAS platform, Sublime Skinz aims at changing the way advertisers and publishers manage, sell and broadcast, enabling scalability and programmatic compliancy of the Skin / HPTO digital ad format. Skinz was brought to the market with a performance-oriented pay-per-click model (CPC), compliant with media buyers’ KPIs and needs.


Weeleo is a peer-to-peer platform to exchange foreign currencies in person, based on the current rate, for free. Its objective is to build a trusted community where travelers get to know each other and exchange valuable travel tips, while saving on currency exchange fees.


WYND Startup Tour LeWeb

One in two restaurants in France is closed 5 years after its opening. WYND helps establishments increase their business by creating an entirely new business for them: ecommerce. The objective is to transform a restaurant, so that it can receive online orders the same way it receives offline orders.


Good luck to all our participants!

Join us in Paris this Friday, October 3, to watch them pitch on stage in front of a jury composed of:

– Véronique Jacq (Bpifrance)

– Michel de Lempdes (Omnes Capital)

– Marion Moreau (Frenchweb)

– David Schwarz (of Carrefour, global sponsor of the Startup Tour)

Right before the pitch session, a panel entitled « Startup Insights: new trends, technologies and opportunities in Ecommerce » will feature Nicolas Celier (Alven Capital), Lara Rouyres and Tatiana Jama (co-founders of Selectionnist). It will be moderated by Roxanne Varza (Microsoft France).


LeWeb Startup Tour is presented by HandsOn.TV‘s Rodrigo Barros. The winner will get on the fast track to LeWeb’14 Paris Startup Competition, December 9-11!