LeWeb Worldwide Startup Competition

LeWeb Worldwide Startup Competition: Meet our finalists!

Pierre Ziemniak Startup Tips

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Here they are: meet the finalists of our Worldwide Startup Competition, to take place in Paris, 9-11 December! In just two months, these very promising entrepreneurs from all around the globe will pitch in front of a panel of select judges. Without further ado, discover how they plan to change the world!


CrowdEmotion (UK)

A cloud based facial coding technology that allows you to measure emotions anytime, anywhere simply using your own camera. CrowdEmotion works by capturing micro-facial expressions that you share everyday when communicating a feeling, expressing a need, or simply making a face. Using algorithms and machine learning across millions of faces, we link expressions to moods, needs, and actions.



Kappo (Chile)

Kappo offers Analytics & Insights about trips made by urban cyclists to help cities take better decisions about bicycle infrastructure planning. Data is gathered from a mobile social game designed to encourage people to use bikes more often and be in contact with friends and cyclists around the world.


RunForm (Slovakia)

RunForm is an iPhone app that will help you run more efficiently and painlessly. Shoot the video of yourself running, see how your body behaves & what to do about it.


Ode.Al (Turkey)

ÖdeAl is a complete business solution with payment module, loyalty management tool and reporting system for businesses or individual sellers who want to grow their businesses. The app can be used as mobile wallet or digital point of sale; and where needed, credit card details can be converted to computer-readable data via devices’ cameras.



Aircall (France)

Aircall lets companies create their phone numbers anywhere and handle calls wherever they are, on people’s existing devices.



Pilo.cool (France)

Solving the battery problem. Pilo.cool has built an AA battery that is powered by movement. It is eternal, ecological and cheap.


Proxy42 & father.io (USA)

Proxy42 wants to “disrupt the gaming industry”, enabling innovative game experiences that interact with people, places and things around us. The team has developed the “363R Trigger” a device especially created for mobile gaming and its first game – father.io – a Massive Multiplayer First Person Shooter (MMFPS) that transforms the real world into a fully immersive video game.



Noki (Austria)

The first smart door lock made for Eurozone with permanent internet connectivity. Noki consists of a keyturner mounted on your existing lock, a Noki bridge connected to a power plug near your door and apps for iOS & Android.



Styla (Germany)

Styla brings print-magazine aesthetics to online storytelling. We replace magazine designers with pure algorithms, so that everybody can create a gorgeous magazine in seconds.



Jukedeck (UK)

Jukedeck provides personalised music at the touch of a button. Its technology composes original music based on a user’s settings, giving video creators, games developers and other users a simple way of sourcing music. Furthermore, each composition is unique.


The will be joined by local.app and Cuciniale (winners of our Berlin Startup Tour), NaturalCycles (winner of the Stockholm stage of the Tour), Sublime Skinz and Fitle (who won our Paris Startup Tour), and Trip4real, winner of the Barcelona Startup Tour! Not to mention EasySize, winner of the 4th annual Lady Pitch Night by Girls in Tech.

And now, see you in Paris in December!