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LeWeb Startup Tour Barcelona: Meet 8 of Spain’s most promising startups!

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Our Startup Tour is almost over, but we couldn’t end it without exploring one of Europe’s most promising startup scenes: Barcelona! This Thursday, November 6, we’ll be there for a special event focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. 8 young Spanish companies will be given the opportunity to pitch onstage, in front of an prestigious jury. The winner will join our Worldwide Startup Competition in Paris come December! But who exactly are these 8 startups determined to make our lives better? allows you to book hotel rooms in slots of 3, 6, 12, 24, 36 and 48 hours, and lets you decide the check-in and check-out time. The company does business with more than 500 hotels in Europe, including some of the top hotel chains, and aims at introducing a “pay-per-use” business model to the travel industry.



Case on-IT

Case on-IT predicts where and when a service is going to underperform, finding the possible cause and informing the agents responsible, so they can fix the problems before the user suffers, preventing decline in sales, clients complaining and the costs of these complains, or clients leaving. This low-cost technology is deployed on cities, national highways and high speed trains and so on.



Form has created Point, a little device that you set up in your house. It connects to your wifi network and communicates to your smart phone, sensing your home environment and listening for events and ambient sounds. It lets you know about guests arriving, windows breaking, the presence of smoke or alarms going off.



The GoGogate device allows you to control via an app your garage door or gate from anywhere. Wireless sensors and a video feature allow users to monitor their door/gate in real time or later via a built-in calendar of events.



PayRandom introduces a new concept in online shopping: price gamification. It consists in adding a new payment method incorporating a price roulette, which determines the final price to pay. It thus allows ecommerce outlets to create new marketing campaigns by improving the claim of their products, making promotions more effective.


Playgiga LeWeb Barcelona Startup Tour


Playgiga gives you the ability to stream new AAA console-quality games instantly, and to play them from your TV, laptop, tablet, smartphone or any device. It is based on partnerships with internet providers and game publishers, and uses a revenue-sharing model.



Trip4real is a community platform that connects locals with travelers from all over the world. Its design enables local city-dwellers to offer tours & activities in whatever they are interested in, with just the click of a mouse. The platform then connects them with thousands of travelers in search of more authentic travel experiences.



Viuing is an audiovisual portable device which allows onsite spectators of big events – like Formula 1 races, for example – to follow the action in real-time, even when the action is out of their field of vision.


Good luck to all of our participants!


Join us in Barcelona this Thursday, November 6, to watch them pitch on stage in front of a jury composed of:

– Susana Tintoré (Barcelona Activa)

– Javier Larrondo (Digital Assets Deployment)

– Maxime Taieb (of Carrefour, global sponsor of the Startup Tour)

– Sebastian Muller (IMPACT, ISDI)

Right before the pitch session, the event will start with:

– “Neuroscience & Gaming”, a fireside chat with Ana Maiques (Neuroelectrics): this conversation will introduce the audience to one of the most exciting trend of LeWeb 2014: The Future of the Mind, curated by Loïc Le Meur and featuring Judson Brewer, Tania Singer and Adam Gazzaley;

– “International Growth for Spanish Entrepreneurs”, a panel featuring Yolanda Perez (Banco Sabadell), Samuel Martinez, (Osborne Clarke) and Jaume Gomà (Ulabox) to discover the challenges of scaling your business and launching your services in new territories. The session will highlight the challenges and opportunities for the Barcelonian ecosystem.

LeWeb Startup Tour is presented by HandsOn.TV‘s Rodrigo Barros. The winner will get on the fast track to LeWeb’14 Paris Startup Competition, December 9-11!