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Europe’s key territories: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly for startups

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At the upcoming LeWeb conference in Paris, I’ll be co-hosting the European Forum, a series of sessions on the Eiffel stage that will shine a light on six of Europe’s top ‘startup nations’. You can see the full LeWeb programme here, but essentially we’ll be dedicating the morning of Thursday 11 December to highlighting the opportunities and challenges of the booming tech ecosystems in …

LeWeb Startup Competition 2014

LeWeb Startup Competition: The finalists analysed by

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This article was written by‘s co-founder and editor-in-chief, Robin Wauters, and cross-posted on, in partnership with LeWeb. As a veteran of many a startup competition, and onetime lead organiser of one of the first European startup pitch battles for three years, I’ve seen my fair share of fledgling technology companies presenting their ideas through online application forms and on stage. …