Mendeley 2014 Open Day

Kickstart the Flux Capacitor: Bringing Science Startups to LeWeb

Victor Henning Startup Tips

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Elsevier and LeWeb are inviting up to 15 science and research startups to present at a special event at LeWeb 2014. Victor Henning, CEO & co-founder of Elsevier-owned Mendeley, explains why…   Over the last few years, I have watched something interesting happen in the world of science: Tech startups and VCs suddenly care about scientists. Strangely, this wasn’t always …

Playgiga LeWeb Barcelona Startup Tour

LeWeb Startup Tour Barcelona: Meet 8 of Spain’s most promising startups!

Pierre Ziemniak Startup Tips

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Our Startup Tour is almost over, but we couldn’t end it without exploring one of Europe’s most promising startup scenes: Barcelona! This Thursday, November 6, we’ll be there for a special event focused on entrepreneurship and innovation. 8 young Spanish companies will be given the opportunity to pitch onstage, in front of an prestigious jury. The winner will join our …

LeWeb Startup Competition 2014

LeWeb Startup Competition: The finalists analysed by

Robin Wauters Startup Tips

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This article was written by‘s co-founder and editor-in-chief, Robin Wauters, and cross-posted on, in partnership with LeWeb. As a veteran of many a startup competition, and onetime lead organiser of one of the first European startup pitch battles for three years, I’ve seen my fair share of fledgling technology companies presenting their ideas through online application forms and on stage. …

LeWeb social media startups

Social media do’s & don’ts for startups

Maaike van Dijk-Bokkers Startup Tips

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All beginnings are difficult for startups. This also applies to your social media presence. You’ll get advice from all angles on what you should or should not do. One company is doing it this way, the other in a totally different way. So what should you do? If you have a few guidelines, it’s already easier. Therefore, here are some do’s …

LeWeb Worldwide Startup Competition

LeWeb Worldwide Startup Competition: Meet our finalists!

Pierre Ziemniak Startup Tips

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Here they are: meet the finalists of our Worldwide Startup Competition, to take place in Paris, 9-11 December! In just two months, these very promising entrepreneurs from all around the globe will pitch in front of a panel of select judges. Without further ado, discover how they plan to change the world!   CrowdEmotion (UK) A cloud based facial coding …