GAFAnomics: 5 traditional business notions you should un-learn

Louis Moullard Trends

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For 20 years, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon (GAFA) have made the world tremble. These jacks-of-all-trades of innovation keep popping up where they are the least expected in record time. Their ability to move faster and stronger than anyone could think enabled them to gain market shares in many areas. They expanded to the point that they are now the new economy’s infrastructures. Whether it’s …

Fred & Farid LeWeb

Fred & Farid: “We perpetuate the innovation chain by helping out fellow entrepreneurs”

James Martin Trends

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Fred Raillard (left) and Farid Mokart are the CEOs and founders of Fred & Farid Group, and digital investors via FFDIF (Fred & Farid Digital Investment Fund). Here, Raillard explains why they, an advertising agency, are investing both in startups and in China. More to be revealed at their LeWeb’14 workshop!   LeWeb Blog: Why is it important for Fred & Farid, …

Zoe Keating

Technology and the arts: a recipe for a party, not a wake

Stuart Dredge Trends

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Steve Jobs made a habit of proclaiming that Apple stood “at the intersection of technology and liberal arts”. Yet in recent years, the worlds of the arts and technology have too often been at – or at least been seen at – loggerheads. From the long-running rows over online piracy through to the current arguments about Amazon bullying book publishers …

Metropolis future of the mind

17 Future of the Mind films to watch before LeWeb

Laurent Dupin Trends

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The unsuspected powers of the brain and its evolution in the future are a recurrent topic for a large number of fantasy & science-fiction films. Masterpieces of the genre reveal the many fears and hopes of mankind when exploring the “sanctuary of brain”. The good thing about focusing on the brain is that filmmakers have to force… their own brains to imagine the most …

EU startups

Europe’s key territories: The Good, the Bad & the Ugly for startups

Robin Wauters Trends

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At the upcoming LeWeb conference in Paris, I’ll be co-hosting the European Forum, a series of sessions on the Eiffel stage that will shine a light on six of Europe’s top ‘startup nations’. You can see the full LeWeb programme here, but essentially we’ll be dedicating the morning of Thursday 11 December to highlighting the opportunities and challenges of the booming tech ecosystems in …