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Interview with Roxanne Varza: Why Ecommerce matters

James Martin Trends

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Microsoft Ventures’ startup lead — and co-founder of Girls in Tech France/UK & Failcon France — is the curator of LeWeb’14’s Ecommerce trend, which will gather some of the world’s most disruptive online retail startups in Paris early December. We spoke to Varza to get an idea of what to expect…   LeWeb Blog: Why did you accept to curate LeWeb’14’s Ecommerce …

Wearables enterprise

How wearables will transform the enterprise

J.P. Gownder Trends

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Yes, 2015 will be the year when wearable devices, spearheaded by Apple Watch, will rocket to mass market adoption. My colleague James McQuivey recently blogged about the explosion in consumer interest for wearables, which grew considerably between 2013 and 2014 – even before Apple announced its forthcoming device. But there’s more to the wearables story, a secret driving force that’s …

Jeff Clavier © -shr-

Interview with Jeff Clavier: Why the future of healthcare is now

James Martin Trends

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Jeff Clavier is the founder of SoftTech VC, and one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent VCs. Having invested in Facebook, Twitter, Groupon and Fitbit, SoftTech has recently started backing healthcare startups for the first time ever. Here, Clavier explains exclusively to LeWeb Blog why the sector is so buoyant right now, and tells us more about the “Reinvention of Healthcare” trend he’s curating …

North African tech startups

7 reasons North Africa has huge tech potential

Abdellah Mallek Trends

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For many people around the world, North Africa occupies a vast desert land populated by tea drinking Bedouins traveling along the Sahara by camel caravans. This is, of course, an illusion. Far from a mirage, and in spite of the various obstacles and crises, the region could be a tech paradise. Here’s why:   1. Diversified economies: As we all know, oil …

Digital health

Digital health: Co-creation, the key to the future

Lionel Reichardt Trends

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A month ago, I wrote this post on LeWeb Blog: Digital health is booming! Two weeks later I read a new report from CB insight on “Corporate Investment into Digital Health & Health IT Industry” that confirms that digital health is indeed booming; but which also gives us some additional information about corporate investment in this field. And the names below are very …