Mapped in Israeli startup ecosystem

Why is the Israeli startup ecosystem one of the most dynamic in the world?

Valerie Zarka Trends

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The Israeli innovation ecosystem is more and more surprising each day! Created only 25 years ago (around 1990), this alternative Silicon Valley offers some fascinating new technologies, contributing to improve our lives. More than 5000 startups (some 3500 in high tech) are the base frame of this smart ecosystem:   What is the specific link between those components, the main key factor of success of the …

EU entrepreneurs

Are Europeans “slackers”? Christian Hernandez responds

James Martin Trends

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In a video interview with the Financial Times released on September 30, PayPal founder, hedge fund manager and venture capitalist Peter Thiel shared some controversial views on EU entrepreneurs. He notably said: “I think people in Europe are generally pessimistic about the future. They have low expectations, they’re not working hard to change things. When you’re a slacker with a pessimistic view of …

EU startups

Why Europe’s Startups & tech companies rival Silicon Valley’s

Stuart Dredge Trends

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How many times have you heard the bullish claim that ‘[Place That Isn’t Silicon Valley] is the new Silicon Valley’? Or seen new variants on the phrase used to imply a similar idea? Here in the British Isles alone we’ve had Silicon Fen (Cambridge), Silicon Glen (Scotland), Silicon Docks (Dublin) and Silicon Roundabout (London) even if the latter was originally …

Digital health

Digital health is booming!

Lionel Reichardt Trends

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Is digital health the next big thing? This is the question rising while reading the last research from Accenture: “Fueled by Healthcare IT Start-Up Funding, Digital Disruption is Knocking: Funding of the US healthcare startups should double over the next three years, reaching $6.5 billion by 2017.” Same findings for the famous silicon-valley based digital health incubator, Rock Health. In their 2014 mid-year …