LeWeb - Feb 18 2015 13:13:25
It may be awhile before we see them, but Facebook says it's working on making it so easy to build apps for Oculus that Beyonce can do it.
LeWeb - Feb 09 2015 16:31:39
Editor's Note: Brian Ascher joined Venrock in 1998 as a Kauffman Fellow and is currently a Partner based in Venrock’s Palo Alto office. Though people..
LeWeb - Jan 20 2015 14:25:35
German venture capital firm Holtzbrinck Ventures’ recent successful fundraising at €285m for its sixth fund illustrates a trend we’ve been talking about for some time now – the European venture capital ecosystem is coming of age.
Source : evca.eu
LeWeb - Jan 14 2015 09:27:01
The lucrative tech boom is drawing investors from all ends of the globe, who are eagerly writing checks to venture capital firms in an effort to get a toehold in the startup scene that is creating newly minted millionaires and billionaires almost weekly.
LeWeb - Jan 09 2015 10:18:50
All the clichés you might expect about Sweden's capital are true. In the summer, ships glide around Stockholm's archipelago, which makes up just a handful of its 30,000 islands. At this time of year, it's the perfect winter wonderland. The people are beautiful, everything is perfectly designed, and pickled herring is everywhere. But these aren't the only things that define the city. In the last few years, Stockholm has become one of the most talked-about places in the world thanks to its apps, g
LeWeb - Jan 07 2015 10:14:01
Tech.eu dove into the data it has been collecting over the past year, to create a detailed list of the 20 largest funding rounds in European tech in 2014.
Source : tech.eu
LeWeb - Jan 06 2015 14:39:08
Far from being the latest fad, the popularity of drones is set to keep rising, with about 100 types debuting in 2015 alone
LeWeb - Jan 05 2015 15:01:37
People, not tech, lie at the heart of a culture of innovation, Welcome to 2015, everybody - a year of politics, royal babies and rugby. Our January issue is packed full of ways to supercharge your career and embrace change in the year ahead. | Marketing Magazine
LeWeb - Jan 02 2015 11:17:30
The crowdfunding platform is increasingly the launchpad for the hottest new consumer tech products.
Source : inc.com
LeWeb - Dec 23 2014 16:32:51
Does money really make the world go round? Well, I’m not sure about that, whatever Liza Minnelli says, but what I do know is that getting money from pocket A to pocket B is a key area of focus in t...
Alexander Aranda - Mar 23 2015 19:55:23
Abstract illustration with logistics infrastructure Image source: www.kerlink.fr There has been great discussion about how the Internet of Things will chan
LeWeb - Feb 17 2015 15:52:45
The web of connected devices, known as the "internet of things", is providing hackers with new ways to infiltrate our cyber defences.
Source : bbc.com
LeWeb - Feb 10 2015 15:04:52
Everybody is talking about digital transformation these days; what exactly is digital transformation? “Digital transformation, as I define it, is the evolution (or revolution) of business philosophy, processes, models and systems to compete in a digital economy,” explains Brian Solis. Sounds pretty straightforward, doesn’t it? Yet, as Brian Solis suggests, some companies “…are investing in all of these new technologies without understanding the culture and the nuances and the relationship that the user has within those communities or how they use those devices.”According to Brian Solis, these companies do not necessarily think about changing their work ecosystem to adapt to new technologies but instead try to include new technologies within the existing framework. He used the example of mobile formats to prove this point; “What I do see is that companies are taking a mobile-first approach to simply adapt its current business...
LeWeb - Feb 05 2015 10:42:51
Microsoft has acquired calendar app Sunrise for north of $100 Million. The company's founder, Pierre Valade, all but confirmed the acquisition on Twitter t
LeWeb - Jan 21 2015 18:09:31
Who are the tech masterminds to watch in 2015? Industry insider, Shivvy Jervis, gives her predictions.
LeWeb - Jan 16 2015 10:15:01
A list of some essential podcasts to binge on
Source : medium.com
startups - Jan 13 2015 15:08:17
These tomes will provide practical advice and inspiration as you reach for your goals in the new year.
LeWeb - Jan 07 2015 16:25:01
Pembrokeshire-based startup aims to make aerial photography and video more accessible: ‘It’s intelligent. It swarms. It takes selfies...’
LeWeb - Jan 06 2015 18:10:28

Each year, I have the privilege of participating at LeWeb, a conference in Paris that explores the state of startup innovation around the world. This year, instead of presenting, the cast of usual suspects were tasked with inviting startups that symbolized our takes on the future of tech.

My focus this year was to look beyond innovation or disruption (buzz words, I know) and instead, challenge entrepreneurs, investors and brands alike to consider disruption as an ecosystem.

LeWeb - Jan 06 2015 10:07:04
Fundraising website spurred 22,252 successful campaigns, with technology projects attracting the most dollars
LeWeb - Dec 23 2014 16:37:23
An even thinner iPhone, a smarter car, and maybe even a Wi-Fi maker robot could be coming our way
Source : time.com
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