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Interview with Jeff Clavier: Why the future of healthcare is now

James Martin Trends

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Jeff Clavier is the founder of SoftTech VC, and one of Silicon Valley’s most prominent VCs. Having invested in Facebook, Twitter, Groupon and Fitbit, SoftTech has recently started backing healthcare startups for the first time ever. Here, Clavier explains exclusively to LeWeb Blog why the sector is so buoyant right now, and tells us more about the “Reinvention of Healthcare” trend he’s curating …

North African tech startups

7 reasons North Africa has huge tech potential

Abdellah Mallek Trends

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For many people around the world, North Africa occupies a vast desert land populated by tea drinking Bedouins traveling along the Sahara by camel caravans. This is, of course, an illusion. Far from a mirage, and in spite of the various obstacles and crises, the region could be a tech paradise. Here’s why:   1. Diversified economies: As we all know, oil …

Mendeley 2014 Open Day

The Future of Science: 15 science & research startups selected to present at LeWeb

Victor Henning Startup Tips

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On December 9 at LeWeb, we are bringing together 15 of the world’s most exciting science & research startups in a session entitled Axon@LeWeb. These startups are building tools that change how we do research, that help the best minds of our generations work more efficiently, that accelerate the progress of knowledge. We have received amazing applications from all over … Guillaume Decurgis

Startups must become their own media

Guillaume Decugis Startup Tips

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Media has changed. It used to be that startups couldn’t buy media. TV, print or radio remained inaccessible to early-stage companies for simple budget reasons but also know-how and complexity. It also used to be really hard for startups to earn media. When I became an entrepreneur close to 15 years ago, right after the internet bubble exploded, no reporters …

Digital health

Digital health: Co-creation, the key to the future

Lionel Reichardt Trends

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A month ago, I wrote this post on LeWeb Blog: Digital health is booming! Two weeks later I read a new report from CB insight on “Corporate Investment into Digital Health & Health IT Industry” that confirms that digital health is indeed booming; but which also gives us some additional information about corporate investment in this field. And the names below are very …