GAFAnomics: 5 traditional business notions you should un-learn

Louis Moullard Trends

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For 20 years, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon (GAFA) have made the world tremble. These jacks-of-all-trades of innovation keep popping up where they are the least expected in record time. Their ability to move faster and stronger than anyone could think enabled them to gain market shares in many areas. They expanded to the point that they are now the new economy’s infrastructures. Whether it’s …

The Future of the Turing Test

Teresa Trends Leave a Comment

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A couple of years ago, PopSci’s show Future Of featured a piece of software called Cleverbot. The ultimate goal of the technology is to be able to pass the Turing Test; interacting so seamlessly with human beings that it is indistinguishable from talking with an actual person. Such capabilities would dramatically improve the experience associated with all kinds of interactive …