GAFAnomics: 5 traditional business notions you should un-learn

Louis Moullard Trends

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For 20 years, Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon (GAFA) have made the world tremble. These jacks-of-all-trades of innovation keep popping up where they are the least expected in record time. Their ability to move faster and stronger than anyone could think enabled them to gain market shares in many areas. They expanded to the point that they are now the new economy’s infrastructures. Whether it’s …

startups business structure

Are startups sleepwalking into 19th century structures?

Adam Tinworth Startup Tips

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A significant number of the tech industry’s leading thinkers have passed through the doors – and stage – of LeWeb over its decade of life. Take Ev Williams, founder of Blogger, Twitter and now Medium, the long form blogging site you’ve probably read several articles on in recent months. Medium sits comfortably somewhere between Blogger and Twitter in Ev Williams’ …


Rahaf Makarati: 5 Business trends that will shape the near future

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In the next few years, the latest trends in information technology will not only be visible in cars, smartphones, laptops or even on new wearable products – they will be also visible in daily business operations. These trends are important to make businesses continuously more productive, flexible and effective in using their time. This article will have a look at the 5 main …