Zoe Keating

Technology and the arts: a recipe for a party, not a wake

Stuart Dredge Trends

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Steve Jobs made a habit of proclaiming that Apple stood “at the intersection of technology and liberal arts”. Yet in recent years, the worlds of the arts and technology have too often been at – or at least been seen at – loggerheads. From the long-running rows over online piracy through to the current arguments about Amazon bullying book publishers …

Lima crowdfunding 2

Severin Marcombes: Why crowdfunding is not just for potato salad

Severin Marcombes Startup Tips

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Severin Marcombes is the CEO and co-founder of Lima (photo), a new device that allows you to display the same files on your smartphone, computer and tablet. A year ago, he launched a Kickstarter campaign for his product with an initial goal of $69,000. The project reached its goal in 12 hours and ended up collecting $1.2 million dollars thanks to 12,840 backers. …