Fred & Farid LeWeb

Fred & Farid: “We perpetuate the innovation chain by helping out fellow entrepreneurs”

James Martin Trends

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Fred Raillard (left) and Farid Mokart are the CEOs and founders of Fred & Farid Group, and digital investors via FFDIF (Fred & Farid Digital Investment Fund). Here, Raillard explains why they, an advertising agency, are investing both in startups and in China. More to be revealed at their LeWeb’14 workshop!   LeWeb Blog: Why is it important for Fred & Farid, …

startups business structure

Are startups sleepwalking into 19th century structures?

Adam Tinworth Startup Tips

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A significant number of the tech industry’s leading thinkers have passed through the doors – and stage – of LeWeb over its decade of life. Take Ev Williams, founder of Blogger, Twitter and now Medium, the long form blogging site you’ve probably read several articles on in recent months. Medium sits comfortably somewhere between Blogger and Twitter in Ev Williams’ …

Mendeley 2014 Open Day

The Future of Science: 15 science & research startups selected to present at LeWeb

Victor Henning Startup Tips

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On December 9 at LeWeb, we are bringing together 15 of the world’s most exciting science & research startups in a session entitled Axon@LeWeb. These startups are building tools that change how we do research, that help the best minds of our generations work more efficiently, that accelerate the progress of knowledge. We have received amazing applications from all over … Guillaume Decurgis

Startups must become their own media

Guillaume Decugis Startup Tips

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Media has changed. It used to be that startups couldn’t buy media. TV, print or radio remained inaccessible to early-stage companies for simple budget reasons but also know-how and complexity. It also used to be really hard for startups to earn media. When I became an entrepreneur close to 15 years ago, right after the internet bubble exploded, no reporters …

Mapped in Israeli startup ecosystem

Why is the Israeli startup ecosystem one of the most dynamic in the world?

Valerie Zarka Trends

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The Israeli innovation ecosystem is more and more surprising each day! Created only 25 years ago (around 1990), this alternative Silicon Valley offers some fascinating new technologies, contributing to improve our lives. More than 5000 startups (some 3500 in high tech) are the base frame of this smart ecosystem:   What is the specific link between those components, the main key factor of success of the …