Email marketing

How can email marketing work for startups?

Paul Ford Startup Tips

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Cultivating a tech brand and a strong user base via social media is generally a key point of focus for any startup founder. However, well executed social media marketing should ideally complement customer engagement via email. People use email daily, it works. According to global management consulting firm McKinnsey & Co, email marketing is 40 times more effective than Facebook … Guillaume Decurgis

Startups must become their own media

Guillaume Decugis Startup Tips

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Media has changed. It used to be that startups couldn’t buy media. TV, print or radio remained inaccessible to early-stage companies for simple budget reasons but also know-how and complexity. It also used to be really hard for startups to earn media. When I became an entrepreneur close to 15 years ago, right after the internet bubble exploded, no reporters …

LeWeb social media startups

Social media do’s & don’ts for startups

Maaike van Dijk-Bokkers Startup Tips

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All beginnings are difficult for startups. This also applies to your social media presence. You’ll get advice from all angles on what you should or should not do. One company is doing it this way, the other in a totally different way. So what should you do? If you have a few guidelines, it’s already easier. Therefore, here are some do’s …

Rodrigo Barros Startup Tour

Interview: Rodrigo Barros, Host of the Startup Tour

Pierre Ziemniak Highlighted, Startup Tips

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Are you ready for our brand new LeWeb Startup Tour? This series of afternoon and evening meetups this fall will be brought to you by HandsOn.TV and hosted by Rodrigo Barros. But who exactly is this Brazilian entrepreneur who now runs a successful Silicon Valley business? We asked Rodrigo to tell us more about himself and his experience, and to …