Meditation, tech addiction and your brain in VR – Why mindfulness matters

Loic Le Meur Trends

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This year at LeWeb we have expert curators inviting world class speakers to talk about the most important technology trends. In addition to coordinating the overall LeWeb content, I am also curating a trend myself, on The Future of the Mind. Mindfulness is a significant trend in Silicon Valley. Well-known entrepreneurs such as Twitter’s co-founder Evan Williams and Kevin Rose …

Kamil Adamczyk Intelclinic hardware startup

Kamil Adamczyk: The nature of launching and managing a hardware startup

Kamil Adamczyk Highlighted, Startup Tips

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Currently, the market of wearable technologies is growing at a very fast pace, leading to the topic of wearables becoming very popular among investors. For some time now a trend has been growing in Silicon Valley heralding the end of software-based companies, companies that will soon be replaced by hardware startups. You could say that ‘’neuroscience’’ or ‘‘artificial intelligence’’ are …

Smart homes LeWeb

LeWeb Trends Review: What will smart homes look like?

Pierre Ziemniak Highlighted, Trends

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What began as a dream for many startups and investors is now a reality: the “Internet of Things” is everywhere and likely to conquer all areas of life, from smartwatches to thermostats to connected cars, not to mention all the wearable technologies that have emerged in the past few years. What will home space look like in a not-so-distant future? This Trends Review will …