Wearables enterprise

How wearables will transform the enterprise

J.P. Gownder Trends

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Yes, 2015 will be the year when wearable devices, spearheaded by Apple Watch, will rocket to mass market adoption. My colleague James McQuivey recently blogged about the explosion in consumer interest for wearables, which grew considerably between 2013 and 2014 – even before Apple announced its forthcoming device. But there’s more to the wearables story, a secret driving force that’s …

Kamil Adamczyk Intelclinic hardware startup

Kamil Adamczyk: The nature of launching and managing a hardware startup

Kamil Adamczyk Highlighted, Startup Tips

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Currently, the market of wearable technologies is growing at a very fast pace, leading to the topic of wearables becoming very popular among investors. For some time now a trend has been growing in Silicon Valley heralding the end of software-based companies, companies that will soon be replaced by hardware startups. You could say that ‘’neuroscience’’ or ‘‘artificial intelligence’’ are …

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Stuart Dredge: Digital fitness will boom, but don’t forget the ethics

Stuart Dredge Trends

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In tech circles, fitness-tracking devices are already a common sight, from Fitbits peeking out of pockets to FuelBands dangling from wrists. So common, in fact, that it’s tempting to think these devices are already mainstream. They’re not, but that’s exactly why this is such an interesting time for this area. A study published by research firm NPD Group in January found that 32% …

The Internet of Everything V2

LeWeb Trends Review: Is the “Internet of Everything” already here?

Pierre Ziemniak Trends Leave a Comment

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How are the internet and the digital revolution changing our lives? There are probably more than a thousand answers to this question, so for this first-ever LeWeb Trends Review — inspired by several online publications over the past few weeks — we’ve decided to focus on some of the major changes happening in technology and innovation. Has “the age of …